Bankruptcy and Coronavirus Tips

First, stay healthy and respect the distance between people while this pandemic is going on.

Second, if you are having problems with paying your debts bankruptcy could keep your creditors away and allow you to keep your home and your car. Contact us for specifics.

Third, use your STIMULUS payment for the things that you HAVE to pay such as groceries, utilities and car insurance.

Fourth, apply for unemployment if you are furloughed or laid off during this time. The FEDS are paying an additional $600 per week in ADDITION to the state unemployment benefits through end of July 2020. Additionally, the FEDS are extending the state unemployment benefit period by an additional 13 weeks.

Fifth, work with your LANDLORD or MORTGAGE lender on getting your monthly payments deferred for 3 or 6 months. BUT know that you may have to pay the deferred amount IN FULL at the end of that period of time.

Bankruptcy may be able to stall your creditors and allow you to survive this difficult period. Please CALL and set up a time we can meet or visit by phone or email to see if we can help you.

Finally, when all of this ends (and it will end at some point) you may still need financial relief from your creditors. WE are OPEN and ready to serve you NOW and in the COMING weeks.

Have Any Questions?

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